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Amazon Seller Commission Charges & Fees

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Amazon does not charge anything for registration as a seller. However, when a sale takes place Amazon levies e-commerce seller fees.

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1) For Non-FBA

Sellers not in the FBA program pay Amazon fee when a sale is made and the rates vary according to Amazon parameters for each category and items within a category. For more detail refer "".

Referral Fee

Referral fee 3% upwards depending on product category. For example, in media category books attract 13%, music 8% and video games 7%.

Fixed Closing Fee

Fixed closing selling on Amazon fee varies according to price range such as Rs 2 for items up to Rs 250, Rs 40 for items above Rs 1000 in value. Take a look at the table below:

Item Price In Rupees Including Shipping

Fixed Closing Fees Rs

0 to 250


251 to 500


501 to 1000


1000 and above


Shipping Fee/Handling/Weight Fee

Amazon shipping fee is shown in the table below.

Amazon Shipping Fee

Easy Ship Weight Handling Fee In Rs.




Standard items

Up to 500 gms




Each additional 500 gms




Oversize items

Up to 5 kgs (fixed minimum fee)




Each additional Kg




Heavy and Bulky items

Up to 12 kg (fixed minimum fee)




Each additional Kg




Other Charges

The cancellation charge of 8.5% and 18% GST on all fees are applicable and, as can be seen, the cost to sell on Amazon is high and margins are slim. If there are cancellations it will eat into your profits.

2) FBA Fulfillment Fees

Sellers who register for fulfillment by Amazon pay appropriate Amazon FBA fees. These cover shipping, storage, handling, exposure on Amazon and also removal and disposal fees all of which add to the cost to sell on Amazon. As you will see, e-commerce seller fees may, in some cases, exceed what you earn from a transaction. For more information refer "" to know about Amazon seller commission and other charges as applicable to your product category.

FBA Fulfillment Fees For Small Size Items

Amazon selling plans and fees are structured. The FBA fulfillment fee for small sized items is Rs 10 for regional pick and pack fee per unit and Rs 20 per cubic foot per month as a storage fee.

FBA Fees For Standard Size Items

For standard size items, the pick and pack fee is Rs 15 and storage fee per cubic foot per month is Rs 20. Weight handling fee for first 500 grams is Rs 24 for local, Rs 30 for regional and Rs 55 for national. Each additional 500 grams up to 1 kg attracts fee of Rs 15, Rs 19 and Rs 25 respectively. Thereafter each additional kg attracts the fee of Rs 7, Rs 8 and Rs 13 respectively.

FBA Fees For Oversize Items

Similarly, pick and pack fees for oversize items are Rs 25 as pick and pack fee and Rs 20 as a storage fee. Weight handling fees up to 5 kgs are Rs 70 for local, Rs 85 for regional and Rs 135 for national shipping. Each additional kg attracts the fee of Rs 7, Rs 8 and Rs 13 respectively.

FBA Fees For Oversize Heavy And Bulky Items

Amazon FBA fee for oversize heavy and bulky items is Rs 50 as pick and pack fee and Rs 20 as storage fee per cubic foot per month for local and regional shipment. Weight handling up to 12 kgs is Rs 160 for local and Rs 240 for regional. Each additional KG carries a charge of Rs 3 and Rs 4 respectively.

The Following Table Gives You An Idea Of Size Categories And Dimensions.

Item Size

Longest Side

Median Side

Shortest Side


Small size

<=30.48 cm (12in)

<=20.32 cm(8 in)

<=10.16 cm (4 in)

<=1 kg

Standard size

<=50.8 cm (20 in)

<=40.64 cm (16 in)

<=25.40 cm (10 in)

<= kg


> 50.80 cm (20 in)

>40.64 cm (16 in)

>25.40 cm (10 in)

> 12 kg

Any item weighing over 30 kgs is classified as oversize/heavy/bulky and charged accordingly

FBA Fees For Removal Orders

Amazon FBA fees for removal are split into self-pickup, standard shipping, and expedited shipping. Small size items attract the charge of Rs 5, Rs 5 and Rs 15 respectively. Standard size items carry a charge of Rs 10, Rs 10 and Rs 30. Oversize items are charged at Rs 25, Rs 25 and Rs 50. Oversize heavy and bulky items are charged Rs 25 for self-pickup. It is charged on a per unit basis.

FBA Disposal Fees

FBA sellers must know Amazon selling plans and fees to price products right. This also means having an understanding of FBA disposal fee. Small sized items are charged at Rs 5, standard size Rs 10, oversize Rs 25 and oversize heavy and bulky items Rs 25.

Amazon will charge 18% GST on all the above.

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