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Sell On Flipkart

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Flipkart is a market leader in online retail e-commerce with over 100000 sellers using its platform. Over 2.6 crore buyers use the Flipkart platform to buy products. Anyone can join the Flipkart India online marketplace and become a seller. A manufacturer or individual trader can immeasurably increase sales simply by joining Flipkart marketplace. How To Sell On Flipkart is easy once you follow the steps detailed below.

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Primary Groundwork

Before you can sell on Flipkart you must prepare the primary groundwork. Flipkart will ask you to provide the following details at the time of registration.

  • Name

  • Phone and email

  • Business address or individual address

  • GST registration details

  • Bank account details

  • PAN Card

  • Address proof and canceled cheque

Scan and keep ready all these documents that must be submitted for Flipkart register as a seller purpose.

Steps To Becoming A Flipkart Seller


The next part of how to become a seller on Flipkart is to register on Flipkart as a seller. Visit - where you will need to fill in email and phone number to take the process further on Flipkart seller hub. The next part of sell on flipkart is registration after creating an account and logging in. Flipkart registration is fast and simple if you have scanned copies of documents at hand. Once details are submitted for the Flipkart seller registration process you receive a verification call from Flipkart team in a week or so and, if approved as a seller you can create Flipkart seller account and proceed further to list your products on Flipkart.


Access Flipkart seller login and then you can start listing of your products. You need to upload photographs and write-up for each product. If you have doubts Flipkart seller support is there to help you and point you to people who will do it for you. Listing is free on Flipkart, which you can do once you log in through Flipkart seller central. List and price your products but keep in mind Flipkart fees and charges. Keep in mind that you must list minimum 5 products. If you wish to sell products on Flipkart fast then choose the right product category so your products are found by buyers. Create a seller profile too while you are at it. If all documents are verified then you are ready to sell. Just sit back and wait for orders to flow in.

Order Management

You can manage orders through where you log into Flipkart seller central or the Flipkart seller app. How to sell products on Flipkart also involves knowing how to manage orders and shipping. You receive intimation of an order by email and then access Flipkart seller portal to inform Flipkart when you have prepared the product for shipping. Flipkart then arranges with the courier to pick up the parcel for onward dispatch. The Flipkart seller panel is easy to use and keeps track of orders. You can use packaging sourced from approved Flipkart suppliers. The Flipkart seller hub will become the core as you receive and execute orders.


Flipkart business is risk-free when it comes to payment. Flipkart makes payment within 7 to 15 days. Those who are new receive fall under Tier 2 and receive payments within 10 to 15 days while seasoned sellers are classified as tier 1 and receive payment within 5 days. Tier 2 sellers are upgraded to tier 1 on successful completion of 30 days or 30 order executions with less than 5% complaint rate.

Flipkart Fees

When you create Flipkart seller account and list products along with prices you must keep in mind Flipkart fees. Flipkart listing is free but when a sale is made you receive proceeds only after deduction of Flipkart charges such as:

  • Shipping fee that varies according to location, product, size, and weight;

  • The commission levied as a percentage that varies across product categories;

  • Collection fee based on order value and payment mode chosen;

  • Fixed fee based on order value; and

  • GST applicable on all the above.

Become a seller on Flipkart, price the products right keeping the above in mind and you could earn a steady income.

Other Things To Know

  • It pays to access Flipkart seller dashboard on a regular basis and watch out for offers from Flipkart. You can participate in Flipkart big billion sales and clear out your stock as sellers did at the time of Flipkart GST sale prior to the introduction of GST across India.

  • You can conduct a campaign for products you list through product listing ads in which Flipkart displays the products as featured products on relevant pages and catches the attention of buyers. You can initiate this campaign through Flipkart seller hub.

  • Flipkart conducts spike sales from time to time to attract more buyers.

  • Always keep in stock products you display on your storefront on Flipkart. Fast shipping is always appreciated and gets positive feedback and reviews.

  • Similar to Amazon’s FBA, Flipkart has Flipkart Advantage service in which you store products in Flipkart warehouse and their staff takes care of packaging and shipment for a better buyer experience.

  • Respond promptly to customer queries and resolve all issues even if it means incurring a slight loss. You earn positive reviews that other buyers will read and reward you with orders.

How to start a business with Flipkart is simple once you have read the above and learned how Flipkart works.

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