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1. Like Posts of Specific Username

2. Comment on Posts of Specific User or by Hashtag

3. Follow Post User by Username or Hashtag

4. Unlike Posts of Specific User or by Hashtag

5. Mention Anyone Easily on Specific User Posts or Hashtag Posts

6. Unfollow Users by Username or by Hashtag

7. BuiltIn Browser

(No Need of Chrome or Any Other Browser)

8. Use Many Comments you want (from List) (New)

9. Selected or Random Comments from the list (New)

10. Import & Export Comments to Use Later (New)

11. Do Actions to many posts you want. (For Example. You can set a limit such as do like to only 10 posts or to all the posts) (New)

12. Delay Feature (New)

Note: This is not a spamming tool if you got blocked we won’t be responsible for this.

Requirements to Run the Bot Application
.Net Framework 4.8 which is already included in the main file that you will buy or you can also download it from
Visual C++ Redistributable from here

Efface Instagram Bot