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Post To Groups You’re A Member Of.
Post To Your Liked Pages.
Post To Your Pages.
Post With API Or Like a Human.
Send A Private Message To your Friends.
Search groups , pages by number of members.
Join – Leave selected groups.
Like – Unlike selected pages.
Leave – Unlike the groups and pages that do not allow you to post.
Add the name of the target in the post automatically.
Add 8 types of posts.
Filter groups , pages , likes , groups You Want To Post To.
Unlimited Facebook Accounts. (ONE AT A TIME).
Post text , link , image or video.
Delay Between Each Post.
No Facebook App Needed.
Sleep posting for a specified time and continue after.
Save and load posts.
Post on owner wall.
Very Easy To Use.
Massive Time Saving.
All On Autopilot.

Simple Facebook Auto Poster