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What makes it different from other bots?

Free and open source
Simple, easy to use
Effective: Follow/unfollow is proven very effective. By only doing follow/unfollow, the bot avoids all those awkward situations where a bot comments "Awesome!" on a post depicting a tragic events.
Secure: Never stores your username an password
Safe: Runs on your own computer, to reduce the risk of being banned. Instagram is known to crack - Automatic rate limiting down on paid Instagram bot services and cloud and VPN IPs
Uses a normal browser to mimic the behavior of a normal user (does not use private APIs easily detectable by Instagram)
Randomized timed behavior
Simulates human behavior of sleeping at night, and usage in the day time
Change browser signature to avoid being identified
Passes bot tests: and
Built on instauto which has been proven to work for over 2 years
Runs on all major desktop platforms

Simple Instagram Bot

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