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WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Software Pro with AutoRep
Instant download & use. No waiting!
Send unlimited bulk WA messages to unlimited contacts.
Send unlimited bulk WA messages, photos, videos & documents.
Import & export data from or into Microsoft Excel & .txt file.
No need to buy credits.
Manage multiple Sender ID accounts.
Track each sending messages with instant chat reply’s.
Free Updates & Support.
Runs on Windows Operating System
Personalized messages contains contact name & custom variables.
After send get delivery reports.
Add multi WA Accounts (Multi Channels).
Multi attachments sending in one click.
Multi text messages (Reduce chance of blocking)
Advanced sending configurations
Delay after control X amounts of messages.
Rotate sender numbers while sending the messages.
Group Sending
Fetch contact from WhatsApp contact
Fetch contact from WhatsApp Chat
Sending Multi-Files with a caption
Set auto-reply with photos and files
Set auto-reply rules related to keywords with
Fast Number filter
Sending Customized Message
Schedule sending


Import contact list via Microsoft excel sheet or manual, Generate numbers, Add variables to messages (Customize it) add multiple attachment like images, videos, document files same time, Dual sending options normal and High-Speed for customize sending speed.

Advance Settings
Control sending flow, Control sleep after sending, Control typing mode, Control multi form of messages

Multi Accounts
Add multi WA accounts and save them to avoid the annoying scanning of QR Code and to send simultaneously from them & use our special feature rotate multiple WA accounts.

Detial Reports
Auto generated detailed report at the end of each bulk.

Whatsapp Sender 5.8

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹499.50Sale Price